Vice-President “Montana” Bob Kuntz steps down and leaves the club…

Club Vice-President Bob Kuntz  has stepped down from the Office of Vice-President via letter to the Executive Committee Jan 7, 2018, also resigning from the club at the same time.

We thank Bob for his service to the club over the years and wish him well in future endeavors. Bob leaves the club as a member in good standing and we hope to see him return in the future.

Personally, as an Executive Committee member, I’m deeply saddened by this as Bob’s participation in the Executive Committee brought insight, and thru that insight a kind of balance, to the management of the Kingman Modelers Inc and the Kingman RC Modelers Club AMA969 that will be sorely missed. But I can understand the conflict it created with him being duty bound to call the Sheriff’s department on people he considers friends, that’s tough for all of us.

The club has fallen on troubled times due to the unsportsmanlike and aggressive actions of a few former members, and Bob isn’t the first club member that’s been driven off in the fall-out. When the EC elects someone to fill the rest of his term (as per Article V Sec 6 of the By-Laws) I know I will be looking for someone that can bring  more insight and balance to the club as well.

James Lummel, Club Secretary and Webmaster for 2018


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