New to flying? We can teach you how!

Welcome, new pilots!
Kingman RC Modelers, AMA 969

The Kingman RC Modelers are happy to see new faces out at the field!
Club instructors John Buckner and Rob Sawyer show their enthusiasm for teaching new pilots how to fly RC!

Kingman RC Modelers is an AMA chartered model airplane club active in Kingman, Arizona. We have regular monthly meetings, club and AMA sanctioned events, club fun-fly events, and free flying almost every day of the year, 24/7, weather permitting.

Our members are delighted to show off their planes and to chat with you about the club. You can arrange for free lessons to learn how to fly RC… you might even find a teacher available when you drop in!

Call  our any of our club officers to find out more about us and how to become an RC pilot…

 New Members Welcome!

Download our Membership Application.Visit the field whenever you see that members are flying… we are always happy to see new faces… or come as our guest to the regular meetings.

Download the Club Membership Application Form, print it out, fill in the blanks and bring it with you to the meeting. The club dues are payable upon joining the club (but may be pro-rated when joining later in the year), and are due by  January 1st each year thereafter. … EACH of our members must also be a member of the AMA and must show their AMA Membership Card at signup or renewal as a condition of membership.

BENEFITS of being a member…

The Kingman RC Modelers is an active group of about thirty to forty members. You will be rubbing shoulders with a few old-timers who have their knowledge to share, and you’ll be meeting RC enthusiasts of all ages who know “the latest” about Electrics, Batteries, Motors and Engines, Multirotors and Quad Racing, Kerosene-fired Jet Turbines, ARF’s, Radios, Servos… you name it!

The Club is chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, so we adhere to the AMA Safety Rules and policies. Our field is a safe environment for both you and your models.

You could be flying here! Kingman RC Modelers flying field, circa Thanksgiving 2017

As a member of the Kingman RC Modelers you can participate in club and AMA sanctioned events at our airfield as well as our more casual fun-fly events… and wear our colors proudly as you travel to take part in OTHER club’s events. (I don’t think we actually have any colors, but you know what I mean). Be loud and proud!

Come out to the Field… we will be happy to see you!

See you there!

Updated 12/12/17