Kingman Airport Automated Weather Report helps make my day!

Almost any morning when I might consider going out to the field, I call the Kingman Airport Automated Weather Station… 928-692-8104… to get a snap-shot-description of the weather, out there.

“Kingman Airport – Weather Observation 0330-zulu, Wind 340 at 07… ” and a lot more info is there, too. … So the wind is blowing out of the North/Northwest at seven knots. Tuesday afternoon, I heard “Wind 030 at 18, peak gust at 29.” Whoa!… gusting at 29 knots! … I always figure a “knot”, a nautical mile, is, like, 10% greater than a statute mile… so “29 knots” is better than 31 or 32 mph. Whoa!

I live fifteen-miles from the flying field, off of Route 66 near mile marker 74. It’s a “real commitment” to load-up my toys and go to the field… and a bummer to find too much wind when I get there… so I always call the Robot.

I’ve got no idea what the Kingman Weather robot looks like…

The Kingman Automated Weather Station... probably NOT a "robot"... but, instead, a mast and a few boxes.

Just this morning… May 3rd…

I was up and sipping my coffee at 7:15, or so… and I called the Robot… and heard “wind 110 at 6.” I don’t mind flying in a breeze and that gentle wind is OK with me… but it was only a little after 7:00 and already blowing 6 knots and it was a crosswind out of the East, to boot… so, forget about flying today.

Around 8:30 AM I called, again… “Wind 340 at 8.” Uh-hmm… now it’s about 9 or 10 mph out of the North, lined-up with the runway… but maybe building up for a blow!

About 10 AM I called, again… I wanted to go into town and I wanted to fly my Great Planes “Super Skybolt” today, if I could… and I got good news… “Wind 340 at 8.” same as earlier in the day… So I decided to GO for it!

Author's Great Planes "Super Skybolt" ARF, first flight in 2006, with a Tower .75 2-stroke and a 13-6 prop.
Author’s Great Planes “Super Skybolt” ARF, first flight in 2006, with a Tower .75 2-stroke and a 13-6 prop.

I was at the field at about 10:45… and I found a beautiful day… with that not-quite-a-stiff-breeze of a wind blowing right down the runway!

I got in two nice 9-minute flights… with safe landings… and I took a little walk-about and a drink of water in between flights… and when it came time for the THIRD flight, after the walk-about out to the control-line circle, and back, I decided it was then, indeed, too windy for a fun flight… so I packed-up and went on into town. TWO flights were better than none!

If not for the Kingman Airport Automated Weather Robot, I would have stayed home!

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