Fly through the Bounce… !

When I was learning to fly RC… the hardest part was the landing…

Landing the model airplane... the GROUND is the HARD part!
Picture from Model Airplane News… click the picture to go to the page: “prepare for landing”.

When I was just learning to fly RC, I used to land at rather high speed… sort of “greasing it in”, flying the model to the ground… and I would often “bounce” a good one! … with almost disastrous results!

I learned to fly a bit slower and make a better landing… but still… often!… I would have a big bounce… with almost disastrous results!

Finally, an old-timer at the field, he must have been SIXTY!, told me to “fly through the bounce.”

Yup… a bounce might happen… but don’t let go of the sticks… “fly through the bounce, it’s just part of the landing.”



One thought on “Fly through the Bounce… !”

  1. That sounds pretty much true in every aspect of life. Whatever turbulence comes your way…including fast-approaching ground swell, keep flying til you stop. Good advice!

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