Club History…

The Kingman RC Modelers…

The AMA 969, Kingman Modelers club (now named the Kingman RC Modelers) was started by a group of guys in about 1980. Gordon Codding and Ken Bein were a couple of the Charter members. They started-out flying their models on the Kingman Airport… but some of the full-scale guys weren’t too happy about that… and so the club moved their operations across the highway onto a local ranch… which wasn’t too happy about that… so, in 1991, a member, Boyd Hunt, provided money for the heavy equipment to level the field at its current location: in the desert a little South of the Kingman Airport Industrial Park. He provided funds for the materials for the ramada structure, and for fences and other hardware.

The club members, themselves, spent many days running graders, rollers, water trucks… and a LOT of shovels! The members built and painted the ramada, installed the fences, and then enjoyed flying at this new site.

Constant improvements have been made over the years. We now boast concrete walkways in the pit area, TWO outhouses, and, in 2013, a wonderful artificial tarmac/fabric runway-surface was laid down… allowing for cleaner operations and the use of jet turbine models at our site.

Most of the members fly on Wednesday and Saturday mornings… but when the weather is nice you might find a member flying out there at any moment, 24/7!

Come on out and fly with the
Kingman RC Modelers.