Cheap 18V Battery powers 12V Starter Motor!

Walmart's Hyper Tough Cordless Drill provides a cheap 18V Battery to power my 12V Starter Motor!

Cheap 18V Battery
powers my 12V Starter Motor!

Penny-pincher that I am, I did a bit of shopping before I found this inexpensive 18V Ni-Cd Battery and Charger for only $24.87 at Walmart… and it includes a disposable cordless electric drill!

My twenty-year old Tower starter motor has been weak for awhile… and Rob told me I could simply drive it with an 18V battery and have no more problems with it. … So, that’s what I did.

This “Hyper Tough” Cordless Drill turned out to be the perfect choice because of the simple knife-blade connection between the drill, the battery, and the charger. I took the drill apart, about 10 screws, and was able to remove the drill’s battery receptacle… and THAT I attached to my starter motor… all too easy!

The knife-blade connection is easy to unplug for safe travel.

I simply strapped the battery to my starter motor… using glass-reinforced tape which I pulled-on as tight as I dared to pull it!

Part of what’s great is that the original charger-clip still fits as per the unit’s instructions.

The Hyper Tough Cordless Drill battery's charger fits right onto the battery.

… and that starter motor REALLY CRANKS! … I am very happy with it.

One more note about the battery and charger… it’s cheap! The instructions say to charge the battery for five hours before first use. I DID that and both the charger and the battery were very warm to the touch! The instructions say to use the battery until it seems to show less power and then recharge it. I think, for me, I will put it on the charger every month, or two… for like an hour… and keep an eye on it the whole time.

I am enjoying my “new starter”.

One thought on “Cheap 18V Battery powers 12V Starter Motor!”

  1. I use a 4S 20C 3000mAh LiPo for the starter, less likely to burn out the motor (16V vs 18v) and can be charged just like any other LiPo.

    I use a electronics project box (plastic with aluminum top) bolted to the starter to hold it and have access to the main lead and the balance lead for charging thru a hole cut in the side. All I had to do was change the connector on the starter to a XT60 to work with the LiPo.

    Benefit on this is if for some reason the battery isn’t working, I can use pretty much any other battery laying around for it!


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