Kingman’s Warbird Racers Prep the Field!

Saturday, June 24th is Race Day!

… and some of the Kingman racing team members got together, today, to start prepping the field for the event!

The Kingman RC Modelers field is ALWAYS in pretty good shape, but the Warbird Race Events draw a pretty big crowd from all-over everywhere! and the club’s racers want to make a nice impression… so they donated their Sunday, this week, to doing a little weed-raking and runway maintenance. … the day wasn’t too hot, but the wind was SCREAMIN’!

… Let’s hope for “a bit less wind” on the big day, right?!

Read all about the Race Day details…



Kingman Airport Automated Weather Report helps make my day!

Almost any morning when I might consider going out to the field, I call the Kingman Airport Automated Weather Station… 928-692-8104… to get a snap-shot-description of the weather, out there.

“Kingman Airport – Weather Observation 0330-zulu, Wind 340 at 07… ” and a lot more info is there, too. … So the wind is blowing out of the North/Northwest at seven knots. Tuesday afternoon, I heard “Wind 030 at 18, peak gust at 29.” Whoa!… gusting at 29 knots! … I always figure a “knot”, a nautical mile, is, like, Continue reading “Kingman Airport Automated Weather Report helps make my day!”