Landing Warbirds and Tail-Draggers…

Warbirds require careful control at landing. 2-Point better than 3-point!

Landing Tail-draggers takes some practice!

This article excerpted from the Model Airplane News blog.

In general, our models are not difficult to land. Even most of our “heavy-metal” warbird models are so lightly wing loaded that they really don’t qualify as a “difficult” to land aircraft. However, even though they don’t have high wing loading, the fact that many of them Continue reading “Landing Warbirds and Tail-Draggers…”

Gotta learn to fly into the wind!


When you fly in Kingman, you have to fly in the wind!
A pic from the Kadet Race, August 2012.

When you fly in Kingman…
you have to fly in the wind!

I learned to fly RC with the Ventura Comets, in Ventura, California. It was nice group of guys with a paved runway on the shore of Lake Casitas, in the mountains above Ventura.

The weather was AWESOME there! I could fly on almost any Continue reading “Gotta learn to fly into the wind!”

Fly through the Bounce… !

When I was learning to fly RC… the hardest part was the landing…

Landing the model airplane... the GROUND is the HARD part!
Picture from Model Airplane News… click the picture to go to the page: “prepare for landing”.

When I was just learning to fly RC, I used to land at rather high speed… sort of “greasing it in”, flying the model to the ground… Continue reading “Fly through the Bounce… !”