June 24th 2017 Kingman RC Warbird Race Pictures

June 24th 2017 Kingman RC Warbird Race Pictures

The Warbird Races went full-throttle into the record books! … well attended, plenty of competition, and one of the hottest days on record!

Coming in first, second and third for their respective classes were:

  • Bronze: Terry Yates, Johan Gonzalez and John Wilson.
  • Silver: Carry Buschbaum, Bob Schmitz and Paul Smith.
  • Gold: Marty Flood, Steve Stewart and Tony Lopez.

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Kingman Airport Automated Weather Report helps make my day!

Almost any morning when I might consider going out to the field, I call the Kingman Airport Automated Weather Station… 928-692-8104… to get a snap-shot-description of the weather, out there.

“Kingman Airport – Weather Observation 0330-zulu, Wind 340 at 07… ” and a lot more info is there, too. … So the wind is blowing out of the North/Northwest at seven knots. Tuesday afternoon, I heard “Wind 030 at 18, peak gust at 29.” Whoa!… gusting at 29 knots! … I always figure a “knot”, a nautical mile, is, like, Continue reading “Kingman Airport Automated Weather Report helps make my day!”

Cheap 18V Battery powers 12V Starter Motor!

Walmart's Hyper Tough Cordless Drill provides a cheap 18V Battery to power my 12V Starter Motor!

Cheap 18V Battery
powers my 12V Starter Motor!

Penny-pincher that I am, I did a bit of shopping before I found this inexpensive 18V Ni-Cd Battery and Charger for only $24.87 at Walmart… and it includes a disposable cordless electric drill! Continue reading “Cheap 18V Battery powers 12V Starter Motor!”

Landing Warbirds and Tail-Draggers…

Warbirds require careful control at landing. 2-Point better than 3-point!

Landing Tail-draggers takes some practice!

This article excerpted from the Model Airplane News blog.

In general, our models are not difficult to land. Even most of our “heavy-metal” warbird models are so lightly wing loaded that they really don’t qualify as a “difficult” to land aircraft. However, even though they don’t have high wing loading, the fact that many of them Continue reading “Landing Warbirds and Tail-Draggers…”