Hard-hat Enforcement, Race Day or Not!

If a racer is flying the pylons, helmets are required for all persons on the pilot's side of the fence.

Just a reminder…
Hard-hat Enforcement
Race Day or Not!

If anyone is flying the pylons, it is considered “Race Conditions” and no one is allowed on the pilot’s side of the fence unless they are wearing their helmet.

Anyone flying their bird around the pylons is “racing” and so the pilot requires a hard-hat… and so does every other person on the pilot’s side of the fenced pilot area. Anyone on the pilot’s side of the fence must be wearing a helmet when a pilot is flying a race-pattern around the pylons. Continue reading “Hard-hat Enforcement, Race Day or Not!”


Today, April 23, 2017, we launched the Kingman RC Modelers webpage as a WordPress site!

New… modern, fresh, responsive, mobile phone and device friendly… we step into the twenty-first century!

Images upload into our own Media Library… videos uploaded to YouTube can be embedded into our pages and posts for nice quality and Continue reading “Our NEW WEBPAGE LAYOUT!”