The offer made to the Eagles at the recent meeting of Executive Committees

The EC of the Modelers met with the Golden Eagles and have put forth a proposal that would allow their flyers to get back to flying pretty much as soon as the field opens back up.

Below is exactly what was offered to them.

We are offering your members a waiver for the visitors limit of 3 flights per a 12 month period, giving them unlimited ability to come and fly any time at the field (you still need to follow AMA and field rules), and would be considered guests of the Modelers club rather than of any particular member. We would issue them a card that they would have to present, in addition to their AMA card, on demand to any of the Modelers officers.

We would also waive the ban on Eagles club activities mentioned in Executive Committee Resolution #1 as well, allowing your club activities to occur at the field. You would also get gate keys and can train anyone on the AMA Introductory Pilots Program under the provisions of that program as well, who would also need to be members of the Eagles or the Modelers.

In addition to allowing your members to fly without time limits, we would offer your club up to 1 sanctioned event per year (which can be 2 days), and 1 unsanctioned event (club only, one day), where you would take control of the field (with a liaison from the Modelers) for the event. Any and all joint events held with the full participation of both clubs will not count against this total, and all sanctioned events MUST have your AMA paperwork submitted for review at least 30 days prior to the event. We would need at least a 45 day notice of any planned event, in writing with details of the event being planned. The Eagles would have to honor any field closures, including for Modelers events, maintenance, etc, as we would honor a closure for your events.

Both the Modelers and the Eagles would have to honor all bans and expulsions, and use the AMA suggested grievance process to ensure we maintain safety at the field as well as manage liabilities as they come up. Existing bans due to expulsion are NOT negotiable, and would have to be honored.

To facilitate this, the Eagles would appoint a club liaison who would represent the interest of the Eagles, this person cannot be anyone banned or expelled from the Modelers. This liaison would also deal with matters of concern to the Eagles regarding the field and their members’ use, as well as communicate matters of concern to the Modelers.

In exchange for these waivers allowing your members ongoing access to fly off our runway, and for the Eagles to hold events, and to have a direct line to the ear of our EC via a club liaison, the Eagles need to compensate us for using our facility. The amount will be set to $40 yearly per member to be paid $10 per member per quarter in advance, due a month before the start of the next quarter. This would include anyone you have in training as well.

The Eagles WILL NOT list the location on your charter, and WILL NOT build anything new or change anything at the flying site. They would just have use of our equipment and would need to follow the rules of the site as determined by the managers of the site IE the Modelers. Eagles will honor all expulsions and bans this is non-negotiable.

Sam Eakin, President, Kingman Modelers Inc.


Vice-President “Montana” Bob Kuntz steps down and leaves the club…

Club Vice-President Bob Kuntz  has stepped down from the Office of Vice-President via letter to the Executive Committee Jan 7, 2018, also resigning from the club at the same time.

We thank Bob for his service to the club over the years and wish him well in future endeavors. Bob leaves the club as a member in good standing and we hope to see him return in the future.

Personally, as an Executive Committee member, I’m deeply saddened by this as Bob’s participation in the Executive Committee brought insight, and thru that insight a kind of balance, to the management of the Kingman Modelers Inc and the Kingman RC Modelers Club AMA969 that will be sorely missed. But I can understand the conflict it created with him being duty bound to call the Sheriff’s department on people he considers friends, that’s tough for all of us.

The club has fallen on troubled times due to the unsportsmanlike and aggressive actions of a few former members, and Bob isn’t the first club member that’s been driven off in the fall-out. When the EC elects someone to fill the rest of his term (as per Article V Sec 6 of the By-Laws) I know I will be looking for someone that can bring  more insight and balance to the club as well.

James Lummel, Club Secretary and Webmaster for 2018


An open letter accepting the generous donation of a kiosk to Kingman Modelers Inc.

Jan 5, 2018

Jon [Wilson],

As I mentioned to you at the field, after discussing it at a special meeting of the Executive Committee, we’ve decided that the kiosk you put up at our field without any permission was too nice to remove and will gladly accept your donation to the Kingman Modelers Inc. It is still subject to a vote of the members at the next Modelers meeting as it’s a physical change to the field, but I am confident it would pass. I expect that we will happily accept your donation to our club.

And also as mentioned at the time, if the you no longer wish this kiosk to be a donation to the Modelers, then you have until 9:00 AM Monday Jan 8, 2018 to remove it yourselves and we have agreed to allow you access to remove it despite being banned from the field due to your expulsion from the club, this one time only. Call one of the officers on the contact list to open the gate if needed.

If at 9:01 AM Monday morning the kiosk still stands on our site, we have no choice by to construe your intent that it be a donation, and anytime after that you can get a receipt for it from our Treasurer. Note that while we are a non-profit corporation, the donation is NOT tax deductible!

Thank you,

James Lummel, Secretary,
for the Kingman Modelers Inc.