Tony Guastella – Most improved Flier 2017!

And we had one more winner at the November meeting, Bob Kuntz (last year’s recipient) choose Tony Guastella as this year’s recipient of the perpetual trophy for “Most Improved Flier of the Year”:

“Tony flies regularly in the mornings weather permitting just as I do so I observed his flying all year and in my opinion he constantly improved his skills as the year went on more than anyone else that I observed.” – Bob

And in his new position as VP in 2018, Bob also promised to get the trophy engraved with Tony’s name after the first of the year!

Congrats, Tony!

A Short List of Online Resources for the RC Community

The Internet has a plethora of resources available on just about any subject, problem has been sorting thru the chaff to get to the wheat. Below is a list of the RC themed websites that I tend to go to for information that I’ve found to be helpful and I wanted to share it.

Some are user-to-user messaging forums and these are good places to discover new trends and maybe to find the problem you’re encountering already has a solution or maybe be the one who provides the solution. Some are more informational websites such as Continue reading “A Short List of Online Resources for the RC Community”