National Model Aviation Day – Gift to Boys & Girls Club!

On August 18th, Ben Poole made the presentation of our
National Model Aviation Day gift to the Boys and Girls Club of Kingman… and got a write-up in the Kingman Daily Miner!

The Boys and Girls Club of Kingman receives our National Model Aviation Day Gift!
Ben Poole put it all together and made it happen. Eric Reinhart created the Certificate… and Ben made the presentation to the (mostly) smiling kids at the Boys and Girls Club.  Be sure to CLICK on that big picture to see those kids… too cute!
Ben reports that the kids loved it and we are going to invite them out for an “intro to flight day” in the spring.


Thank You!

Your generosity allowed us to donate a gift of $360 to the Boys and Girls Club of Kingman!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our National Model Aviation Day Event a success!

July’s Meeting at the field…

July’s Club Meeting was at the field:
Good Communication & Burgers!

John Buckner gets ready to fly his 4-enging Kadet! CLICK to see the large Sunset image.
CLICK to see the large Sunset image… Buckner’s quad-motor Kadet flew very well.

Good meeting… Nineteen? attendees… many topics discussed… and good food, too!

A stock photo of Ben's RareBear electric racer!Ben flew his electric Bearcat Racer… and John B flew his quad-motor Kadet!

The original plan was to try to do some night-flying with planes lit with LED lights… but the wind really came-up strong during dinner and no night-fly was possible.

NICE GROUP EFFORT to make the dinner “Happen”… Special Thanks to Mary Griffis for coordinating the RSVPs and for all of the work she does “in the background”…. And Thanks to Dan and Mary for acting as the hosts at the meeting and for providing “the fixin’s” for the burgers. … ‘Sorry I did not pay attention to “who brought what” to the dinner… but, beside the burgers that Dan grilled for us, there was pot of meatball/miniature hot dogs in a spicy red sauce (that I heard had been simmering all day)… Jon Wilson brought a really nice homemade potato salad; there was an assortment of store-bought sides and a nice bunch of store-bought cookies… Plenty of food with even a few cookies left over!

Nice evening meeting… don’t know if we will be meeting “inside” or “out” next month.


— Eric


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