An open letter accepting the generous donation of a kiosk to Kingman Modelers Inc.

Jan 5, 2018

Jon [Wilson],

As I mentioned to you at the field, after discussing it at a special meeting of the Executive Committee, we’ve decided that the kiosk you put up at our field without any permission was too nice to remove and will gladly accept your donation to the Kingman Modelers Inc. It is still subject to a vote of the members at the next Modelers meeting as it’s a physical change to the field, but I am confident it would pass. I expect that we will happily accept your donation to our club.

And also as mentioned at the time, if the you no longer wish this kiosk to be a donation to the Modelers, then you have until 9:00 AM Monday Jan 8, 2018 to remove it yourselves and we have agreed to allow you access to remove it despite being banned from the field due to your expulsion from the club, this one time only. Call one of the officers on the contact list to open the gate if needed.

If at 9:01 AM Monday morning the kiosk still stands on our site, we have no choice by to construe your intent that it be a donation, and anytime after that you can get a receipt for it from our Treasurer. Note that while we are a non-profit corporation, the donation is NOT tax deductible!

Thank you,

James Lummel, Secretary,
for the Kingman Modelers Inc.