A Short List of Online Resources for the RC Community

The Internet has a plethora of resources available on just about any subject, problem has been sorting thru the chaff to get to the wheat. Below is a list of the RC themed websites that I tend to go to for information that I’ve found to be helpful and I wanted to share it.

Some are user-to-user messaging forums and these are good places to discover new trends and maybe to find the problem you’re encountering already has a solution or maybe be the one who provides the solution. Some are more informational websites such as Wikis or equipment manufacturers. And some are seller websites which I find most useful for their reviews and pricing information.

I’ll try to sort them into their broader categories but some sites will fit in more than one, so the categories will be sort of a loose guide rather than an attempt to actually index the list.

As this list is culled from my personal bookmarks there will be an inevitable bias towards my tastes in RC aircraft and other equipment, but the list of sites is broad enough in scope that almost everyone should be able to find a site or two that they like.

This is only a start, I know there are sites that I SHOULD have listed that are missing, and sites that I’m just not even aware of in the first place. I also want to note that I’ve made multiple purchases from every seller I list below and have only listed ones I’ve had good experiences with.

So I invite everyone reading this to post a message below with the websites they find most useful.

I’ll try to add more myself as well!

RC Forums and Message Boards:
 https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/index.php (run by Hobby King, wide range of topics and is very active, the go-to site on all RC topics)
 http://www.rcuniverse.com/ (wide range of topics and is very active)
 http://www.knifeedge.com/forums/index.php (Realflight support and user created aircraft/scenery) 
 http://openrcforums.com/forum/ (OpenTX radio firmware and related equipment discussions)
 3drpilots.com (this and the 2 above are related but require separate registration)
Informational Websites:
 www.knifeedge.com (Realflight developer)
 www.sigmfg.com (the re-energized SIG, creators of the Senior Kadet)
 HorusRC.com (best overall source for FRSky equipment, located in China)
 HobbyKing.com (good deals, has a US warehouse for low shipping and fast delivery)
 alofthobbies.com (best source for FRSky equipment in the US)
 BangGood.com (good deals, has a US warehouse, carries more than just RC stuff, rewards program)
 towerhobbies.com (specializes in Great Plains and related products, large selection from other makers as well)
 www.horizonhobby.com (specializes Hobby Zone/E-Flight and related products, large selection from other makers as well )
 www.amainhobbies.com (periodic coupons for 10% or more off if you're on their email list)
 www.hobbypartz.com (related to Nitro Planes)
 www.generalhobby.com (some VERY good deals  w/ frequent specials, reasonable shipping, recommended)
 http://www.generalhobby.com/specials.php (direct link to their specials page)
 Smile.Amazon.com (by using 'Smile' a donation is made every time I buy, I selected Prager University for donations)

One thought on “A Short List of Online Resources for the RC Community”

  1. Here’s a good online resource I forgot to include:


    This is a website that allows you to estimate performance based what airframe, motor, battery, propellers, etc. you are using with a large database of commercially available components. It covers fixed wing, multicopter, helicopter and ducted fan aircraft.

    You can freely access the basic calculations with a limited selection from the database of parts (though you can change some of the parameters if needed). And for a nominal fee you can get full access to all the database components and calculations.

    I typically use it to spec the parts for multicopters I’m interested in building and it allows me to see what amperage I can expect to be pulling at any particular load and what flight time I can anticipate. It also will give things like max speed and max climb rate, as well as a bunch of other things like estimated motor efficiency (which is important to know if you value time in the air), expected motor temperatures, etc. And it provides a graph of the overall performance you can expect out of your build.

    It makes it very easy to tweak the component list of your aircraft and to maximize the build. It has saved me from using underspec’ed batteries (such as having a C rating that’s too low for the mAh, etc), as well as allowed me to understand the effects of KV and prop size on the expected performance, and to change motors to avoid overheating (especially out here in the summer). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg to how useful it’s been to model a complete aircraft and to be able to anticipate it’s performance.


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