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Clean-up day at the field 9/19/17:
We Gotter Done!

… This ragtag group of rebels and patriots spent a leisurely hour-and-a-half dishing dirt, digging in the dirt, pulling weeds and raking-up the debris!
Almost FUN, actually… you should o’ been there!

Saturday 9/23/2017
Bidding starts at 9 AM sharp!
Bring your items to sell… 20% of sell-prices goes to the club.

at The Field at 10 AM
Come early and fly before the meeting!

On August 18th, Ben Poole made the presentation of our
National Model Aviation Day gift to the Boys and Girls Club of Kingman… and got a write-up in the Kingman Daily Miner!

The Boys and Girls Club of Kingman receives our National Model Aviation Day Gift!
Ben Poole put it all together and made it happen. Eric Reinhart created the Certificate… and Ben made the presentation to the (mostly) smiling kids at the Boys and Girls Club.  Be sure to CLICK on that big picture to see those kids… too cute!
Ben reports that the kids loved it and we are going to invite them out for an “intro to flight day” in the spring.


Thank You!

Your generosity allowed us to donate a gift of $360 to the Boys and Girls Club of Kingman!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our National Model Aviation Day Event a success!

Ben Poole’s Drone footage of
Jason flying in the Control-line circle!

Jason and Buckner were flying control-line double “in formation” today, July 22… you can see both of them in the center of the circle… but by the time this video was shot, Buckner’s plane had already touched down. These guys got in several nice flights together!
Thanks, Ben, for the video!

The Kingman RC Modelers

We are a radio control model airplane club located in Kingman, AZ near the Kingman Airport.
Members are flying aircraft with nitro, gas, jet turbine, and electric power of all sizes from our artificial tarmac surface!

Kingman Modelers Field from the air.

Finding the Field is the Tricky part!

Our field is located inside the Kingman Airport Industrial park.

Jerry's Phoenix Models "Fun Star"!
Jerry’s Phoenix Models “Fun Star”!

Arrive in Kingman on the 40 Freeway… get off the freeway at Exit 53, Andy Devine/Route 66. Head North/East on Route 66 to Mohave Airport Drive at mile marker 61 and make a right at the light. Turn right at the first stop sign, Industrial Blvd. Then drive about two miles of mostly-paved road… and when you get to the 3-way fork, choose the middle road.
See the map…

… See you there!

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