The Kingman RC Modelers Club, AMA 969

We are the oldest and largest AMA chartered radio control model airplane club that serves the Kingman, AZ, USA  area and have a dedicated flying field that’s generously provided by the Kingman Airport Authority and is located on the airport property.  Our club members fly fixed-wing aircraft (including trainer, aerobatic and scale models, as well as turbine powered jets), helicopters, and multi-rotor drones of all types and sizes. These aircraft use a variety of power systems including nitro, gasoline, kerosene, and electric, and are readied for flight and flown from the field’s aero-fabric covered pits and runway. The field features cement flying pads, a ramada for shade during the summer, secure club storage, a dedicated control line circle also with cement pads, and even a place to run RC cars and trucks if you are so inclined…

Aircraft: Yuneec Typhoon H with RealSense; Pilot: James Lummel, club webmaster; Date: Nov 22, 2017

NOTE- directions to our field can be found here and a brief history of the club can be found here

December’s regular club meeting

When: December 12, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Where: Kingman Airport Authority Conference Room, 7000 Flightline Drive, Kingman, AZ

What will be discussed: The Kingman Modelers Executive Committee has decided it’s time for some FUN! There will be no ‘business’ at the Dec meeting! Instead, it will be a HOLIDAY SOCIAL!


**Door Raffle
**Silly Ugly Hat contest–get creative if you want, there will be prizes!
**White Elephant RC themed gift exchange–the crazier the better! (White Elephant is a recycled gift that no- body wants), so bring a gift if you want to be included!
**Snacks–please bring a snack to share. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy…crackers, chips, cookies, finger foods, whatever you wish.
**Fellowship–hopefully reconnect with some old friends that share your joy of flying!

FYI- for those who are interested, insurance coverage is the same as when we meet at the field (as it’s all on the same property and Kingman Airport Authority is already named as a primary on club insurance)

Election of 2018 Officers results…

The November Meeting was one for the history books!

It saw an unprecedented member turnout of ~90% despite starting at an earlier time with a special meeting before segueing into the regular meeting where the voting took place, highest attendance at a club meeting ever!

And even more history was made with a nominee withdrawing from the race minutes before the ballots went out, the addition of a member’s Q&A/Comments session of the candidates that allowed for better transparency and for regular members to get more involved in the club’s election process, there were multiple write-in candidates in multiple positions who won their races, and an actual tie in the “Big Race” for Club President culminating in the first run-off vote for a Board Officer that I can remember!!

There was action, adventure, explosions (though no blood),  as well as lots of drama with a ballot SNAFU and some shocking admissions of gaslighting the club and it’s members by one of the remaining nominees! There was victory & heartbreak, winners & losers, whiners & colluders – they could make a Movie of the Week about it (more on that to come)…

But finally, after a robust and highly animated discussion amongst the membership, the election took place! And after the run-off when the dust finally settled, once again you (the Club Members) chose Rob Sawyer to lead you through another year!

So I’m pleased to present your 2018 Board Officers:

President: Rob Sawyer (Write-in)
Vice President: Bob Kuntz (Nominee)
Secretary: TBD (nominee withdrew before the vote took place)
Treasurer: Dan Griffis (Write-in)

 (and hearty “Congratulations!” are in order as each one was a hard fought victory that did not come easy!)  

Tony Guastella – Most improved Flier 2017!

And we had one more winner at the November meeting, Bob Kuntz (last year’s recipient) choose Tony Guastella as this year’s recipient of the perpetual trophy for “Most Improved Flier of the Year”:

“Tony flies regularly in the mornings weather permitting just as I do so I observed his flying all year and in my opinion he constantly improved his skills as the year went on more than anyone else that I observed.” – Bob

And in his new position as VP in 2018, Bob also promised to get the trophy engraved with Tony’s name after the first of the year!

Mucho Congrats, Tony!

And the Webmaster’s word to the wise for December 2017 is:

On the Internet you could be a dog, and no one would ever really know… And as a result there are a LOT of dogs on the Internet! But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a beer (just not while they are flying)!


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